About StoryCart Press

StoryCart Press, developed by Suzanne I. Barchers in 1998, provides teachers, parents, and children with a variety of books and readers theatre scripts to enhance language arts, social studies, remedial reading, and math programs.

There are five sections on StoryCart.com:

·        Free Scripts, a variety of readers theater scripts

·     More Free Stuff, such as book report ideas, units, and other curriculum

·     Individual readers theatre scripts for grades 1-5, available for purchase only on  

·     Resources books, including readers theatre collections, cookbooks, and
language arts

·     Children’s books for early reading, math, and social studies

StoryCart Press provides materials to strengthen your language arts and social studies program and to help achieve a well-rounded curriculum. Whether you download free scripts, purchase sets of scripts, or decide to start cooking in the classroom, you’ll find that StoryCart provides a variety of materials for improving reading and invigorating instruction.

About Suzanne I. Barchers, EdDAfter fifteen years as a teacher, Suzanne Barchers began a career in writing and publishing. She has written two college textbooks and more than 20 readers theatre and teacher resource books. She has written approximately 150 for publishers such as LeapFrog, Teacher Created Materials, Footsteps to Brilliance, Moonshoot, and Red Chair Press. She previously held editorial roles at Teacher Ideas Press, Fulcrum Publishing, Weekly Reader, and LeapFrog. Barchers is on the PBS Kids Media Advisory Board for the next generation of children’s programming and is past president of the board of directors for the Association of Educational Publishers. She consults and writes from her home in Stanford, CA.